Here we go again, another 12 days of cinematic celebration and indulgence. Welcome to Beyond Fest IV, Los Angeles, we’ve missed each and every one of you.

We’ll be honest, this one was a tough one. Last year had so many highlights – from raining chainsaws to midnight Devils to $2 paperboys to an ageless Pacino to Craven’s last stand – it was absolutely the best of times and one that we knew we had to try and top. And therein lies our anguish: every year we want Beyond Fest to bring better experiences to you, the 12,000 fans who graced our screens. Hopefully, we haven’t let you down.

So, what’s better this year?

First up, we’ve increased the number of screenings (including more free shows) and with that we’ve upped the number of West Coast premieres (from eighteen to twenty five)… We have two truly epic live re scores bookending both weekends with Wu-Tang Clan founder, RZA, battling a martial arts masterpiece and the triumphant return of the Maestro, Fabio Frizzi, presenting a completely new score to Fulci’s seminal THE BEYOND… For the first time, we’ve entered the world of VR, partnering with Dark Corner Studio for three terrifying experiences that will be available to view throughout the duration of the festival… And we’re going 3-D for the first time courtesy of the Egyptian Theatre’s state of the art new projection and audio system – every film will look and sound better than ever before – with the U.S. premiere of Richard P. Rubinstein’s meticulous 3-D conversion of DAWN OF THE DEAD.

Second, we’re able to raise even more valuable funds for the non-profit film institution, American Cinematheque and its two theaters, the Egyptian and Aero. Beyond Fest firmly remains a not-for-profit entity with all ticket sales going to the Cinematheque and all sponsor dollars covering festival costs – four years in and we still haven’t taken a dime.

Third, we’ve brought back a couple of welcome partners that we believe in, partners who share the same passions that we do. Genre streaming platform Shudder returns to formally present Beyond Fest once more, a feat that allows us to make ALL screenings in the 90-seat Spielberg Theatre 100% FREE – and these films are PHENOMENAL. Starz also return to take us deeper into the pages of the Necronomicon as ASH vs. EVIL DEAD season two launches with a special premiere screening. What’s critical about these sponsors is that they help us keep tickets prices lown and for many screenings completely free. Give a little back to these guys: sign up for Shudder, tune in to AVEDS2 and post gorgeous things about them both on your social feeds.

We’re incredibly thankful to be back and we’re proud of the slate we’ve created but, of course, Beyond Fest doesn’t exist without you: the beautiful misfits and malcontents that most theaters, festivals and studios shun. Consider our 12 days as a collective middle finger to all of those who dismiss and exploit our community of deeply passionate film lovers – Beyond Fest always was and always will be YOUR festival.

Enjoy Beyond Fest, Los Angeles, we fucking love you.

Christian, Spencer, Evrim, Gaston, James, Nicole and Grant