FREE Popcorn Screening

We are super happy to announce that we have a FREE screening of Popcorn on 35mm on 10/4/14 at 4.30 as part of Beyond Fest in conjunction with our friends Secret Sixteen.

Star Jill Schoelen will be in attendence and there will also be free popcorn.

We’ll have a Q&A after the film and plenty of giveaways too.




As an addition to the already exciting screening of ‘Halloween’ tomorrow, immediately after the film El Rey Network will screen an episode of ‘The Director’s Chair’ featuring Robert Rodriguez and the horror master himself; John Carpenter!

The Director’s Chair is an hour-long series with a ten episode run featuring “the industry’s most notable directors as they engage in a revealing and unexpected exchange about the world of filmmaking.”

El Rey Network is a new 24-hour English-language television and digital network founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez for everyone who loves action-packed and irreverent entertainment. Birthed from a different perspective, El Rey Network will be the first cable and digital network launched by a creative visionary whose body of film work has garnered diehard fans around the world that celebrate his rebel take on entertainment.

Now for the first time on television, El Rey Network’s programming will reflect Robert Rodriguez’s unique personal style and taste, along with the contributions of his artistic collective of friends. Whether it’s his new original-signature-dramas or favorite action, horror, grindhouse, sci-fi, or next-generation sports, the Network will be broadly entertaining and riveting for everyone who’s a renegade at heart.


Death Waltz Recording Co.: How to Purchase Records

OK Gang

Here is the information on purchasing both The Hook & Pull Gang re-score & THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL S/T…

The forecourt of the Egyptian will be open from 3:30 pm and we’ll be selling records from 4 pm onwards. To purchase records you will need to show your physical ticket so we can stamp it (It is strictly 1 of each record per person)

We have very ltd numbers of The Hook & Pull Gang as there were only 500 available between Mondocon and Beyond Fest) Please be advised that you may not be able to purchase the record if you are late.

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Thanks to our wonderful, wonderful friends at the El Rey Network, Beyond Fest can offer the lovely people of L.A. the chance to see some of the most brilliant, out-there movies for free – but how on Earth can you get tickets for these super-duper free screenings?

ALL the FREE screenings tickets at Beyond Fest will be given out on a first-come first-served basis from 6 P.M. at the box office on the day of screening. There are no other complications, online systems, things to consider – NONE! Just turn up before or at 6 P.M. on the day of your screening, pick up your tickets and enjoy brand new films all through the festival!

Oh and don’t forget to thank El Rey: They are awesome and they make us awesome.



New Guests Added to Beyond Fest!

TOKYO TRIBE promises a raucous opening with the legendary man behind the manga, Santa Inoue, making his way from Japan to introduce the film he birthed. Joining Santa will be TOKYO TRIBE actors Akihiro Kitamura and Hitomi Katayama to share stories about the film’s epic production.

Mega-producer Jason Blum (INSIDIOUS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, SINISTER, THE PURGE) and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) take the stage to talk about their terrifying new masterpiece at Shock Till You Drop’s free screening of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.

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Tokyo Tribe’s Santa Inoue at Beyond Fest!

Santa Inoue, creator of seminal works such as ‘Neighbour No 13’ and ‘Tokyo Tribe’ has confirmed he’ll be flying to L.A. to attend the screening of the film that Twitch called ‘the best new musical of the decade’. After woving the audiences at Toronto, ‘Tokyo Tribe’ will be storming L.A. with members of the the cast and the original creator of the manga!

He also hinted that there might be a surprise for those attending the screening…

Buy tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event!




Snowpiercer at Beyond Fest to be Attended by Ed Brubaker!

Comic book writer Ed Brubaker  (Captain America, Batman, Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil) will now be attending the Snowpiercer screening at Beyond Fest alongside the comic’s creator Jean-MArc Rochette.

Brubaker whose work recently was the basis for the blockbuster Marvel hit ‘Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier” is one of the most respected comic book writers currently working in the field. He will be joining Rochette to discuss the adaptation of the comic into the film.

Snowpiercer is the cult hit from Bong Joon-Ho and has been called by “an intellectually and artistically superior vehicle” by The Hollywood Reporter.



Cliff Martinez Joins Nicolas Winding Refn on Stage for Q&A

We are very happy to announce that Composer Cliff Martinez will be joining Liv Corfixen & Nicholas Winding Refn for a Q&A between MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN and ONLY GOD FORGIVES.

Our friends Milan Records will also be on hand with copies of the vinyl & CD for Only God Forgives, vinyl for Valhalla Rising and upfront CD copies of MY Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn.


Nightcrawler Called ‘nasty, funny film’ by The Guardian at Toronto Film Festival

Nightcrawler which is to screen later this month at Beyond Fest with the director Dan Gilroy in attendance is currently wowing audiences at Toronto International Film Festival.

Reporting from the festival, Henry Barnes wrote in his glowing review:

“From a subdued start Nightcrawler unfurls into a ghoulish and wickedly funny satire on journalism, the job market and self-help culture. Lou is a retro creation: a strange, real character lurking in a moral grey area. Gyllenhaal, slimmed down and bug-eyed, looks like Nosferatu, but has the manic vulnerability of Andy Kaufman. Lou’s like a Wes Anderson character who’s ambition has warped into a realm of violent sociopathy.”

Barnes concludes: “Nightcrawler is a nasty, funny film. A tribute to the vile and a celebration of the dark.”